EDP4130 – Task 3

This is primarily for the benefit of my marker for this task. I wanted them to be able to easily locate my resources.

Thank you for your time.

1. Design and Technologies

2. Digital technologies



My personal opinion on Coal Seam Gas

Task 2 required me to research CSG technologies through the eyes of an executive, share this among my peers and come up with a balanced opinion on the topic.

This pictochart mimics a newspaper page and shows my opinion, my research and my ideas about moving forward with this technology int he future.

My NEW resource for Design & Technologies content descriptor

I recently discovered Symbaloo and have had a change of heart with regards to my second content descriptor (Design & Technology).

This is the result:   ACDTEK003 Webmix


Task1 Resources

The following are the links to my resources for EDP4130 Task 1 (and the assignment).

The first is a website I have created to map a pathway for the digital technologies content descriptor ACTDEK004. Desgined as a resource for teachers, the website breaks the descriptor into steps, provides resources and activities that can be used in the classroom and then brings it all together with a final activity.


The second addresses the Design and Technologies content descriptor ACTDEK003 which involves understanding the origins of food and healthy food choices. This Pinterest board represents a collation of digital resources for teachers which help them to implement the descriptor in the classroom.

A new direction

This blog was originally created as a necessity for a technology uni subject. In response to the changing needs of my courses, this blog will now become a forum through which I can share resources as I collect them for my latest technology subject.

The end…

It’s here. The end of semester, the end of EDC3100 and, for the time being, the end of this blog.

I have come to enjoy blogging and plan to continue this form of documenting my journey to teacher-hood. I do, however, need a break from ICTs in general after the heavy load of this subject.

Thank you all for popping to see what I have to say, and I am so surprised by how many of you have found my words interesting enough to comment on, re-post or talk about in your own blogs.

I encourage you all to continue on the blogging path, and look forward to keeping an eye on your journeys also.

Second go-round for the Lollipop

I have taken the Lollipop test once before but, to be totally honest, was put off by the opening video and closed it down. However, reading Kathleen and Mrs D I thought I would give it another try.

The results were scary; an eye-opener into the world of cyber-safety and how we should protect our personal information more closely online.

I post photos of myself and my family, log my runs with GPS maps that include my address, and put quite a lot of information into my status updates. Never did I think that this could be put together to create such a detailed profile of myself for someone not invite to share it.

A big re-think and purge of my Facebook account is due, I think.

A fresh new look

Whilst I realise it is the last week I will be regularly posting in my blog and probably have people visiting, I felt I needed a fresh new look to keep me inspired to compose my last few posts.

Inspired by the webpage of Kathleen McCallum, this Koi theme is light and colourful, which more accurately reflects my personality. I love it and wish I’d thought of it earlier!!!

Maths for Junior Secondary – not as easy as it sounds


I am doing the Middle Years pathway as my specialisation with maths and history majors.

This means I have to do three maths electives. I am doing my first maths electives subject entitled “Mathematics Fundmentals”. Well, it’s not so fundamental and not so simple. I have been researching a lot of websites to help me stumble my way through, and found this. It is an awesome site to help students when they struggle with the concepts of lorithms.

Reflector: An awesome tool for modeling

My fellow blogger posted about Reflector as a complimentary tool for the iPad. She used it to show students’ work and model activities such as writing.

This would have been a fantastic tool to use with my Prep class during modeled writing and rote learning. It is a great example of augmentation as it relates to the SAMR model.

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