My personal opinion on Coal Seam Gas

Task 2 required me to research CSG technologies through the eyes of an executive, share this among my peers and come up with a balanced opinion on the topic.

This pictochart mimics a newspaper page and shows my opinion, my research and my ideas about moving forward with this technology int he future.


My NEW resource for Design & Technologies content descriptor

I recently discovered Symbaloo and have had a change of heart with regards to my second content descriptor (Design & Technology).

This is the result:   ACDTEK003 Webmix


Task1 Resources

The following are the links to my resources for EDP4130 Task 1 (and the assignment).

The first is a website I have created to map a pathway for the digital technologies content descriptor ACTDEK004. Desgined as a resource for teachers, the website breaks the descriptor into steps, provides resources and activities that can be used in the classroom and then brings it all together with a final activity.

The second addresses the Design and Technologies content descriptor ACTDEK003 which involves understanding the origins of food and healthy food choices. This Pinterest board represents a collation of digital resources for teachers which help them to implement the descriptor in the classroom.

A new direction

This blog was originally created as a necessity for a technology uni subject. In response to the changing needs of my courses, this blog will now become a forum through which I can share resources as I collect them for my latest technology subject.