My PKM routine

My PKM routine

After reading this blog (, and following the links to other people’s examples, I was able to develop my own Personal Knowledge Management routine.

Using Jarche’s PKM framework I identified a number of sources that formulate my ‘seek’ step. I have a continuous flow of information coming in throughout the day consisting of USQ forum posts, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and general Chrome searches.

Once this information has been gathered, my routine then involves the ‘sense’ step which involves filtering and validating the data. The decision of which will be stored and shared is made taking into account the appropriateness and usefulness of its content.

Lastly, this information is then ‘shared’ though a similar set of sources including my personal blog, twitter and Facebook feeds, Pintrest and USQ forums. All pieces of information are shared via the method most appropriate to the content, topic and audience for which its intended.