Writing lines – a great whole class activity

writing lines

I was working with a Prep class for my professional experience this semester. The preps are learning to write the alphabet. My mentor usually teaches whole class writing by modelling on the small whiteboard with hand-drawn lines, asking volunteers to demonstrate.

I took this style of teaching to a ‘new level’ ( the Augmentation stage of the SAMR model) by displaying the red and blue writing lines on the IWB. I used whiteboard markers to model writing the ‘letter of the day’ on the board, and asked students to demonstrate and practice as well. This worked really well, as the whole class could see the IWB clearly and when letters were erased the lines were unaffected.

My mentor very rarely uses ICTs in the classroom, as she felt that they were not concrete enough for Prep students. After seeing the effectiveness of this activity, the teacher has said she will be replacing the old way with this new, more effective version of the activity.

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