What do I already know about planning?


What has created this bad mood, you ask? I am trying hard to catch up with the last two week’s learning path, and I can’t post to the forum!!! So, here it is. My answer to the question “What do I already know about planning?

– Context (school and class)
– Student needs;
– Curriculum content, descriptors and learning objectives
– Differentiation needs;

– Appropriate teaching strategies;
– Class/room organisation;
– Resources;

– Intro, body and conclusion
– Assess prior knowledge;
– Opportunities for reflection (student)

Please don’t get me wrong, this is a very simplified version of what is a very complex process. In all honesty, I do wonder how I would go through the whole process, considering and including all aspects that I’ve been taught are essential to effectively plan for each and every lesson in the real world.

So, I am compiling tips and tricks as I stumble across them, one of which is this YouTube clip.

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