My Favourite Pedagogical Framework

This is such a tricky decision. I recently read a colleague’s blog on the same topic, and noticed the differences between our opinions.

Whilst this preservice teacher prefers the 5E’s approach, I am inclined to favour Bloom’s Taxonomy to underpin my learning experiences. I love the ability it provides to gradually deepen the level of understanding on a topic as well as develop higher order thinking skills, which are vital for students to succeed in life.


Most recently I discovered the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, and, with EDC3100 and its focus on ICT integration, feel that this framework will be extremely useful in the upcoming assignment 2.





I am aware, however, that it is beneficial to utilise more than one framework in teaching, so as not to miss any vital elements of understanding. With this in mind, I realise there are frameworks that, although designed to fit best to particular subjects, for example, the 5E’s model for science, the Inquiry framework for Geographical inquiry and the Language Stages Model for mathematics, are able to be utilised in other subject areas.

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  1. melmessenger
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 08:08:15

    I like your approach. It certainly given me more thought about the uses of Blooms.


  2. fionabudd2014
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 01:57:47

    Reblogged this on fionabudd2014 and commented:
    Thanks for sharing the Blooms ICT example, it consolidates the concept that Blooms and ICT’s can go hand in hand.


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