Running record: Part 1: Curriculum + Assessment

This is part one of my running record for assessment two which is designed to accumulate my decisions and ideas for the unit plan.


School: Kurwongbah State School is a middle-SE school, with a strong specialist support network and a heavy focus on community and music programs.

Students: With over 1000 students, this school is able to implement programs for the development of gifted and talented students, as well as both in-class and specialised assistance for students with special and additional learning needs.

My unit plan will target year 7 English, in particular analysing and creating persuasive texts. The topic of the assessment will be Ned Kelly: Hero, Villain and Victim?

Learning objectives:

Identify and explore ideas and viewpoints about events, issues and characters represented in texts drawn from different historical, social and cultural contexts (ACELT1619)

Reflect on ideas and opinions about characters, settings and events in literary texts, identifying areas of agreement and difference with others and justifying a point of view (ACELT1620)

Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, selecting aspects of subject matter and particular language, visual, and audio features to convey information and ideas (ACELY1725)

Assessment criteria:

Students explain issues and ideas from a variety of sources, analysing supporting evidence and implied meaning. They select specific details from texts to develop their own response, recognising that texts reflect different viewpoints. They listen for and explain different perspectives in texts. Students create structured and coherent texts for a range of purposes and audiences.

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