Moving on from March Madness

Like a number of my colleagues, I am finally finished with round 1 of assignments and instantly delving into round 2. I enjoyed reading Mrs D’s blog post in which she discusses her difficulties in making decisions regarding the upcoming EDC3100 assignment.

Likewise, I am struggling to choose the foundational information which forms the basis of this unit plan. Whilst having a wide choice is great in terms of personalisation and learning area preference, these decisions impact all future decisions in the design process.

As such, I find what should seem so simple a choice to be quite difficult. In saying that, am I simply over-thinking the basic stuff? Should I, as Mrs D recommends, take the plunge and make a move? I say, yes!

Last semester I purchased the Wiggins & McTighe book regarding Understanding by Design, and, in reviewing the assignment specifications I am so relieved I bought the book. The theory of UBD forms the basis of this planning assignment, and I get a sense that I will have my nose in this text for the next 3-4 weeks!


The motto of this mini-reflection…Stop procrastinating, Bec, and get started!!!

On that note, I am signing off to follow my learning path and start making some decisions.

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