Understanding concepts: The building blocks for future learning


I really want to share my fellow student’s blog post regarding the two types of learning: constructing and transforming.

Louise’s post details the two types of learning and how they are used throughout life. It reinforces the theory of lifelong learning. We are constantly learning, constantly improving our skills, increasing our knowledge and expanding our horizons.

Particularly as a pre-service teacher, it is fascinating to consider the concept of this. What we teach to students in Prep or grade 6, or even grade 12 is only a portion of what they will learn in their life, and is the basis of what their future learning will be built on. It reinforces to me the importance of ensuring that every child in our class, every day, term and year understands every concept we teach. What they miss out on understanding this week may be the vital point they need in understanding and learning things in their adult life.

Not letting any student fly under the radar or slip through the gaps is more important to me as a teacher now, realising the long-term and flow-on effects for children’s futures. 

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