ICT Innovation: Class Dojo

ICT Innovation Analysis

This is my analysis of innovation number 129 on the Google spreadsheet. The site arises from a practical context and is considered to be as “learning from assessment”.

What is it?

Named Class Dojo, this mobile and interactive site was designed in 2012 in America to address the large amount of time spent by teachers addressing classroom management.

How is it used?

Class Dojo is a system of real-time feedback for student behaviour, including on-task behaviour, meeting classroom expectations and social attitudes. Through the use of any device (computer, tablet, phone and interactive whiteboard) teachers can consistently and easily update the class dojo to reflect both positive and negative displays of behaviours, which in turn give real-time feedback to students. The ability to generate easy to read reports also gives the students and teachers the capability to discuss areas they are meeting expectations and those that need more attention.

How does it help student learning?

As it relates to the theme of “learning from assessment”, this site allows students to participate in self-assessment and reflection of their learning activity, whilst teachers can use the data to assess students’ learning activities as well as self-reflect on their teaching strategies and effectiveness.

The attached YouTube describes how Class Dojo can be used to give immediate to students on their classroom performance.

It seems I am not the only student in EDC3100 who has found Class Dojo interesting. This post from a fellow USQ student details this innovation, with a thoruogh explanation of its use.


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