Reflection Week 1



Can you think of any examples of courses you’ve taken in your university study where ICTs have been used to transform (to think differently) your learning experience?

(You can’t count this course. Personally, I think it suffers the same problem).

 My reflection

Whilst a number of assessment pieces throughout this degree have been aimed at my integrating ICT into its submission, it is definitely true that the basis of these is teacher-driven, -set and -marked. Whilst I have been asked to submit a ‘creative’ assessment piece, the specifics were clearly set with requirements, a path to follow and an advised outcome. This means that the direction of my pieces has always been directed, as though it was traffic, to produce a piece that s expected. How do you create something individual and creative whilst following the directions set by others? It has not transformed my learning as I felt it should. The result? My learning has not been transformed by this learning, rather than shaped as it was planned to.

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  1. lrjones2013
    Mar 08, 2014 @ 23:21:12

    Hey Bec, I have come across a number of courses where I had to transform my learning experience. This began with my very first course 1200 when I had to create my very first powerpoint presentation and then post it on youtube. Since then I have many experiences where assessment pieces have required me to use or learn new ICT skills. I agree somewhat that we are limited in the path we follow but in saying that I also feel that web resources are endless so even though we have a certain path to follow we can individualise our work. For example I have looked at a number of blogs now and not one is the same as another. The other benefit from all of these experiences is that we have experienced it, so when and if we need to use one of these resources (hopefully) it wont be so daunting and time consuming ha ha that is my take on it. Bec I loved your question it has really given me food for thought cheers Leesa


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